God speaks to us

So I probably have about 5 more minutes before my NyQuil really kicks in.. so real quick, here it goes.

Quick recap of the last 2 days.

I believe that God talks to us. When we are overdoing it, he gently tries to tell us to slow down.
Do we listen? I don’t…

Yesterday I woke up with a really bad sore throat. The logical thing to do, would have been not to go running at 6:50 am.

But I went any way.

So this morning- God has to speak a little more loudly to me. What was a sore throat, was a full fledge summer cold.

Do I cancel my many appointments and obligations today?


I get dressed for work, drop my girls off at my parents house, drive across town for a client meeting, drive back for my kids, take them home, and quickly boot up my lap top so I can get back online and to work.

God must have been a little frustrated with my pigheadedness by then. He needed to do a something a little more drastic to get me to understand.

My electricity goes out.

This means no cell phone, no wireless connection, no land line, no instant messenger, no TV, no nothing.

I get my little Britty in my bed with me (I really do feel terrible by mid-afternoon) and just lay with her. No TV, no computer games, no phone.

Just quietly lay with my Britton.

She starts to rub my arms, my head. I already started to feel a little better.

Yes, I definitely believe that I have gotten the message low and clear.

On that note, I am going to bed!