Grandma Days

Kenley wearing her new ‘Little Mermaid’ goggles. She asked Sassy “Do I wook Pwetty?”

Sassy and her little girls baking cookies

The girls have had back to back days with their ‘Grannies’ (mom hates to be called that).

Yesterday, Nana (Big Daddy’s mama) took Kenley to the library for story time, and to McDonalds, then back to their house. Kenley was soo excited. She even surprised Britton by picking her up from school.

Today, we stopped by Sassy’s house after the gym (my mom) and received their “suh-pwise” of little Mermaid goggles. They are in her kitchen backing cookes now.

We are waiting for Tropical Storm fay to come our way… fay fay go away.