Kenley on the potty

This is a funny story I think.

Last night we were at the country club eating supper (yes, Big Daddy signed us up- even though summer is nearing an end). Halfway through dinner, Kenley looked me square in the eyes and said, “I have to go potty mommy”.

In a bad-mommy-moment, I questioned her- “You have to go potty Kenley?”

Kenley- “yes, I have to go potty”

In a continuation of the bad mommy moment, I instructed her “just go in your diaper Kenley” (knowing full well, that we will get there, undress, only for her to decide that she does NOT need to go after all).

Kenley, wiser than her mother said “no mommy, i tee tee on potty”

So I abondan my yummy, warm club sandwich and get the Kens out of her chair.

She holds me hand, and waddles across the 19th hole.

We get to the bathroom, I lay the toilet paper over the (germy) toilet seat, and put her cute little fanny on top.

No action.

I realize that her dress has fallen in, so I quickly make a save to retrieve it from the toilet water where it has immersed itself.

The water falls from the dress, and drips into the toilet.

Upon hearing this tricking noise, Kenleys big blue eyes get big as saucers as she exclaims to me, “mommy, I tee-tee on potty!!”

She thinks the noise is HER tinkling on the potty. Of course,I do not burst her bubble but do the potty dance for her and praise her.

When she waddles back across the 19th hole to her Big Daddy, she excitedly tells him “Daddy, I tee tee on potty”!

He gives me a quick look of ‘Really?!?? Awesome’

I quickly shoot back, “shh (nod my head), just play along’.

Britton, ever the smart 5 year old that she is- then notices Kenley’s wet dress and says “Kenley, youah dwess is wet. You didn’t tee tee on da poddy. Youah dwess got wet”

Kenley- “No Sissy, Me tee tee on potty!”

And so, Kenley thinks she tee tee’d on the potty, and I for one am not telling her any different!