Grandma Days

Kenley wearing her new ‘Little Mermaid’ goggles. She asked Sassy “Do I wook Pwetty?”

Sassy and her little girls baking cookies

The girls have had back to back days with their ‘Grannies’ (mom hates to be called that).

Yesterday, Nana (Big Daddy’s mama) took Kenley to the library for story time, and to McDonalds, then back to their house. Kenley was soo excited. She even surprised Britton by picking her up from school.

Today, we stopped by Sassy’s house after the gym (my mom) and received their “suh-pwise” of little Mermaid goggles. They are in her kitchen backing cookes now.

We are waiting for Tropical Storm fay to come our way… fay fay go away.


Britton’s school

This is why I love her school.

I received this email from her teach around lunch time today:

“Well we are off to a fabulous start this morning. We have already gone to PE and played in the gym, learned all about the computer lab with Mr. G, read two books, sang songs and played at two of the six workstation rotations (home living, loft, toys, playdough, painting or measuring with Mrs. Taylor) we will go to this week! Now they are on the playground with Mrs. Taylor! I am taking lots of pictures and hope to have them posted on my web page later this afternoon. (Key word there was hoping!)

Everyone seems happy and the tears are gone. I am sure they will all be eager to eat when it’s time for lunch! Wish us luck.. the lunch room on the first day is always a little overwhelming! By Thursday they will be old pros!. They will be ready for a rest when we get back and then we will color and play with math tubs. We also graphed how many people had cereal for breakfast… 5 yes and 11 no’s. We have begun working on identifying each other’s names and will practice “walking in” from the front of school drop off line so when they are ready for you to drop them off in the morning they will know what to do.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.. this morning has gone so well and I am looking forward to a terrific year! Please check to make sure you received this on all the emails you sent me. If I made a mistake or you need to add or delete one let me know. Thanks, Mrs. S”

Britton the Kindergartner

My baby started kindergarten today. And darn if I can’t get the photos to upload. She had a fabulous day all around. Mommy woke her up early early this morning (7:00 am) and we cheerfully ate our breakfast and got dressed.

The only, and I mean only, hint of hesitation came while we were on Bannerman on our way to school. She said half-heartily, ‘Oh Mommy, I’m fwigtined- what if I dunno anyones faces”

Me- Sweetie, it’s the first day of school and everyone will be learning new faces and names. You will be fine.

Britton- okay.

We navigated our large SUV among the many other SUVS, and parked. I held her little hand as we crossed the cross way. She looked so cute wearing her plaid jumper, matching headband, knee socks and Mary Janes! She was secure, head up, excited and walked right into her classroom.

She found a chair with her name on it- with a picture of school that was screaming for some crayola action. The little boy next to her was just boo-hooing. Britton just kept on a coloring!

I took some photos, which I am determined to get uploaded, and then whispered in her ear that I love and to have a wonderful day.

Little did she know I packed a special note in her blue sear sucker lunch box, along with a photo of Mommy and Daddy.

She waved goodbye and I walked out, lulled in the hallway watching her from afar to see if she was hesitate.

No hesitation.

She had started kindergarten….

When I picked her up this afternoon, I asked Britton if she made any new friends- and in true Britton fashion she said “Yes, Ty”.

That’s my girly girl, don’t let the bows fool you- always friends with the boys!

Where are our children?

It is very strange waking up this morning (at 10:00!) without our little girls. We don’t quite know what to do withourselves. Going to sit by the pool is out, due to the rain. We haven’t had breakfast. Just what do we do with the two of us?

The hubster has already gone to the driving range while I snoozed, and is now hitting balls in his little putter thing in our bedroom. Guess I will get out of bed, since its after 11, and get dressed to spend our Saturday like we did in the-good-ol’-college days!

Date night x2

Big Daddy and I get TWO date nights in ONE weekend!

My parents graciously offered to keep our little girls (who were delivered this evening in their full princess attire) until tomorrow night.

We’ve already gone to dinner, and the movies. Tomorrow, we plan to go for a run, sit by the pool, hit some golf club.. and then I have a surprise up my sleve for the Big Guy. Since he doesn’t even know how to find this blog (much less read it)– we are driving down to the coast for dinner at Angelo’s.

A pina colida, fresh seafood, hopefully some live music- a good way to end the summer. School starts Monday and I for one am very happy.

Britton is going to the same school that I attended for 13 years- and it still looks much the same. She will have to sport their new uniforms though. Uniforms were debated while I was in school and as a student I thought they were a HORRIBLE idea.

Now as a parent, I think they are a WONDERFUL idea. My have things changed.

We drove home tonight at midnight, after our watching our movie ‘Swing Vote’ with Kevin Costner. I haven’t been driving on the roads at midnight in a long long time.

Every house was dark and the streets were empty. I am usually sawing logs at that time- but given the amount of ‘Severe Cold- daytime medicine’ I’ve taken today, I will probably be bug-eye just a while longer.

But who cares- I can sleep in tomorrow!! Maybe even until 9:00am!!

Thank you MOM!