Jesus Loves me

I just came out of Kenley’s bedroom where I was tucking her in. We said our Prayers- she blessed “Pops, Sassy, Nana, Gan, Uncle Casey, Sissy, Mommy, Me, Daddy Meme”.

Then we read Goodnight Moon.

And instead of going for a second book, we sang. I started singing Jesus loves me, real soft and slow and she began singing the words with me. It was the first time I heard the word Jesus come out of her sweet little mouth and what a sweet sound it was. She knew the words!

She has surprised me the other week by counting to 14, and now she is singing Jesus Loves Me. My oh my is my baby a preschooler now.

I think I hear the girls in the hallway- they have once again escaped from their beds (incidently they have gone back to their original bedroom).

I’m sure Kenley has waddled into Britton’s room to try to steal one more time in her tu-tu before ta-ta’ing into a deep sleep.