everyday changes

I was gone for only a few short days, and when I came back I swear.. Britton had a few extra freckles on her nose (which incidently she had pointed out to big daddy earlier in the day)


Kenley was slightly taller.

While I was at the Indianapolis airport yesterday, a wife was seeing her solider husband off. She held him for a long time before he handed his ticket to the agent. Once he walked down the long corridor, he didn’t turn back. I imagine it would’ve been too hard for either one of them. His wife sat down, tears running down her face, and waited until the remaining 100 boarded the plane.

It reminded me how fortunate I am to have my husband safe in my bed each and every night. When he goes out of town on the weekends- I miss him. I miss him a lot more now- I jokingly tell him it is because he helps me with our children more, which makes me miss (his help) when he’s gone.

Solider’s wives definately get my tipped hat- it can’t be easy!


Daddy holding down the fort

I am back after a 4 day mini-vacation with my sister. Big Daddy sent me this picture on my treo while I was gone.

It was so nice to be able to sleep until 10 am, read a novel, and not cook meals, bathe children, or punish anyone.. Nothing but relaxation, shopping nad visiting with family. I definately need to do it again – and not wait two years!
The girls LOVED being with their daddy too! And vice versa. He took them to the park, cooked his favorite meal with their nana (his mommy), read books, played games- and gave lots of kisses.
As a side note- he did such a great job holding down the place while I was gone. The kids were happy, fed, bathed, and he didn’t complain once! He even called me once to ask which plants he needed to water for me.

Bosses Day

My husband called me this morning on his way to work wishing me a “Happy Bosses Day”.

I asked him why he was calling me…

“Because,” he said, “You’re the Boss in our house!”

Whew. Now I got it in writing!

Some recent Britton-isms

1. here is an email I sent to one of the mothers of a little boy in Brittons kindergarten class:

So a few weeks ago Britton came home and announced that Jacob S. was her new boyfriend. Well tonight, I overheard her telling her Daddy that Jacob keeps “breaking up with me on the playground”.

Mike said, “Well what did you do when he broke up with you?”
Britton- “I fixed it. I unbroke up with him!”

I love it!

2. Also, B told her Pops that her daddy had bigger muscles. Mike, excited to hear that someone (albeit his daughter) thinks of him as physically fit, asked B if she really thought he had big muscles.

B- “Yes, youwa muscles are bigger dan Pops. Pops has flat boobies like me, and youwa boobies stick out (ie- big chest). We laughed for a good two minutes about that one!

Britton has been such a joy the past week, I just love seeing the world through her eyes. She was so charming, and considerate of her little sister tonight in the bathtub, that I actually cried. Yes, in the midst of what is typically of happy-hour-chaos-hours, I was overcome with how blessed I am to have such a terrific little girl like her. She’s like my little pal.

3. Ofcourse, I have to script the time when we were driving last week and I looked in my rearview mirror to see B, dressed in her plaid jumper (school uniform), matching plaid headband– picking her nose, then licking- yes, i said licking, her fingers.

After withholding my gag reflex, I immediately told her not to pick her nose- much less stick her fingers in her nose.

Brittons response, “my nose was dry mommy”.

Lessons learned

Finally, I can see a glimpse of the “reaping what I sew”!

A few minutes ago as I was helping Britton get ready for another exciting day of kindergarten, I asked Mike to make our bed (so I don’t have to make all three). He said no.

Britton turned to her Daddy and said, “Whad’s dat bible vurse Daddy? Do to odders what dey do to you?” (translation: do unto others as they do unto you– the golden rule).

How about that! Needless to say, five minutes later when I walked into our bedroom Big Daddy had made the bed.

On another note, I had a terrific parent teacher conference yesterday (Britton’s teacher). She basically went on and on about how much she loved Britton for 45 minutes. No exaggeration. “Mrs. S” said that Britton ‘encompasses everything I love about a kindergartner’.


Hearing all the wonderful things she was saying about my sweet child warmed my heart, and I told her so.