Daddy holding down the fort

I am back after a 4 day mini-vacation with my sister. Big Daddy sent me this picture on my treo while I was gone.

It was so nice to be able to sleep until 10 am, read a novel, and not cook meals, bathe children, or punish anyone.. Nothing but relaxation, shopping nad visiting with family. I definately need to do it again – and not wait two years!
The girls LOVED being with their daddy too! And vice versa. He took them to the park, cooked his favorite meal with their nana (his mommy), read books, played games- and gave lots of kisses.
As a side note- he did such a great job holding down the place while I was gone. The kids were happy, fed, bathed, and he didn’t complain once! He even called me once to ask which plants he needed to water for me.