everyday changes

I was gone for only a few short days, and when I came back I swear.. Britton had a few extra freckles on her nose (which incidently she had pointed out to big daddy earlier in the day)


Kenley was slightly taller.

While I was at the Indianapolis airport yesterday, a wife was seeing her solider husband off. She held him for a long time before he handed his ticket to the agent. Once he walked down the long corridor, he didn’t turn back. I imagine it would’ve been too hard for either one of them. His wife sat down, tears running down her face, and waited until the remaining 100 boarded the plane.

It reminded me how fortunate I am to have my husband safe in my bed each and every night. When he goes out of town on the weekends- I miss him. I miss him a lot more now- I jokingly tell him it is because he helps me with our children more, which makes me miss (his help) when he’s gone.

Solider’s wives definately get my tipped hat- it can’t be easy!