Lessons learned

Finally, I can see a glimpse of the “reaping what I sew”!

A few minutes ago as I was helping Britton get ready for another exciting day of kindergarten, I asked Mike to make our bed (so I don’t have to make all three). He said no.

Britton turned to her Daddy and said, “Whad’s dat bible vurse Daddy? Do to odders what dey do to you?” (translation: do unto others as they do unto you– the golden rule).

How about that! Needless to say, five minutes later when I walked into our bedroom Big Daddy had made the bed.

On another note, I had a terrific parent teacher conference yesterday (Britton’s teacher). She basically went on and on about how much she loved Britton for 45 minutes. No exaggeration. “Mrs. S” said that Britton ‘encompasses everything I love about a kindergartner’.


Hearing all the wonderful things she was saying about my sweet child warmed my heart, and I told her so.