Nature Walk

I took the girls on nature walk this afternoon. We rode bikes, checked out the lake, peeked at a new house being built and waved to our shadows.

We came home and had eggs and jelly toast for supper (Britton’s idea). Over the past couple of days, I am making a conscience effort to try to relate to my little 5 year old.

Listen to her suggestions and take them into consideration.

Try to say yes, more than I say no.

Have my face light up when I see her

Pay attention when she speaks to me

Ask her questions, that show I have an interest in HER

Laugh with her at least once a day, even if theres nothing funny

Pretend to be in her world, ask her questions as if I am a 5 year old too

Take do a puppy show, while incorporating a lesson about God’s love for her (last night I had Adam and Eve as the main puppet characters)

Lots and lots of hugs

Letting her be more independent by giving her a chance to do it first, and wait for HER to ASK for help