The Big Poop!

Kenley pooped on the potty tonight- AND she told me before that she needed to go “doo-doo”.

She was scared, and cried as she was doing it, but I made a big deal about it and told her that Diego also poops on the potty!

What a smart little girl.

She and B are singing at our chuch on Sunday- ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’.


Busy Bee

What I’m about to do, I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I am going to “write down” all that I do on a typical day.

5:00 am- wake up for gym
5:30-6:30 am – boot camp
6:50- wake up britton
6:55- shower
7:00 to 8:40- get kids dressed, pack lunches, dress myself, make beds, thaw meat for dinner, etc.
8:40-9:15- Drive carpool for Kenley’s preschool
9:15- 11:15- maclay volunteer work
11:15-11:30- drive home
11:30-12:00 – log into work
12:00- leave for grovecy store
12:30- depart for Kenleys preschool
12:50- get Kenley and her friend, and drive the friend to his house
1:15- arrive back at our house, Kenley naps
1:30- put away laundry, put clean sheets on brittons bed, water plants, pay some bills, check personal email, send out church email, call grandma
2:45- get afternoon snacks ready
3:00- wake up kenley, load into car, and leave for B’s school.
3:10-3:25- carpool line
3:30- pick up two children and carpool to our church
3:30-3:50- driving
3:50-4:20- walk girls into church, watch them sing
4:20- 5:15 – get gas, drive home, start dinner
5:15- 6:00 – cook
6:00- Garrett and Kenley eat
6:15- Big daddy and B arrive at home and eat
7:00- baths
7:30- bed
7:56- G blogging instead of resting!

Nature Walk

I took the girls on nature walk this afternoon. We rode bikes, checked out the lake, peeked at a new house being built and waved to our shadows.

We came home and had eggs and jelly toast for supper (Britton’s idea). Over the past couple of days, I am making a conscience effort to try to relate to my little 5 year old.

Listen to her suggestions and take them into consideration.

Try to say yes, more than I say no.

Have my face light up when I see her

Pay attention when she speaks to me

Ask her questions, that show I have an interest in HER

Laugh with her at least once a day, even if theres nothing funny

Pretend to be in her world, ask her questions as if I am a 5 year old too

Take do a puppy show, while incorporating a lesson about God’s love for her (last night I had Adam and Eve as the main puppet characters)

Lots and lots of hugs

Letting her be more independent by giving her a chance to do it first, and wait for HER to ASK for help