Some recent Britton-isms

1. here is an email I sent to one of the mothers of a little boy in Brittons kindergarten class:

So a few weeks ago Britton came home and announced that Jacob S. was her new boyfriend. Well tonight, I overheard her telling her Daddy that Jacob keeps “breaking up with me on the playground”.

Mike said, “Well what did you do when he broke up with you?”
Britton- “I fixed it. I unbroke up with him!”

I love it!

2. Also, B told her Pops that her daddy had bigger muscles. Mike, excited to hear that someone (albeit his daughter) thinks of him as physically fit, asked B if she really thought he had big muscles.

B- “Yes, youwa muscles are bigger dan Pops. Pops has flat boobies like me, and youwa boobies stick out (ie- big chest). We laughed for a good two minutes about that one!

Britton has been such a joy the past week, I just love seeing the world through her eyes. She was so charming, and considerate of her little sister tonight in the bathtub, that I actually cried. Yes, in the midst of what is typically of happy-hour-chaos-hours, I was overcome with how blessed I am to have such a terrific little girl like her. She’s like my little pal.

3. Ofcourse, I have to script the time when we were driving last week and I looked in my rearview mirror to see B, dressed in her plaid jumper (school uniform), matching plaid headband– picking her nose, then licking- yes, i said licking, her fingers.

After withholding my gag reflex, I immediately told her not to pick her nose- much less stick her fingers in her nose.

Brittons response, “my nose was dry mommy”.