Sassy & Pops

Mom- here is another one. Will send a third shorty.

On a different note- Sassy and Pops joined our church recently. So did Aunt Britty!

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Hair Color

As I was putting Britton to sleep tonight, I was explaining to her that I had a “beauty parlor” appointment in the morning. She asked me about it, and I went on to explain that I was going to have color put on my hair. Kenley had a haircut this afternoon, so hair-dos have been a hot topic the last couple hours.

I told her that I have to paint color on my hair so that it will be pretty like hers. Here is how the conversation unfoloded- twas quite cute.

Britton- “Oh…. so you REALLY have dawk harah like me?! Dat is why your harah is black at the bottom and tan at the ends. Dat means dat I weally have the same harah color as you Mommy! (with a hugh smile on her face and big, wide blue eyes).

Me – “That’s right. You actually have the same hair color, brown, as me and your daddy. Kenley is the only one with blonde hair in our family.”

Britton – “How come?”

Me- “Well your Daddy and I had blonde hair when we were little”

Britton- intuitively concludes, “Well, den when she grows up she will probably have harah wike mine- long and brown”

Beauty shop 101. I love my girls!

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Thanksgiving 2008

Posted by PicasaWe had a wonderful Thanksgiving- our family and friends came to our house this year to give thanks and eat lots of yummy food. Some organic (for Meme) , some not. We attempted taking a family photo- I love this photo especially of Kens- she looks like she weighs 75 lbs!