End of week recap

Kenley is still in her big girl panties.
Britton caught a cold and fever and was sent home from school this week- she missed “normal” dress (half) day at her school, but Mommy bought her a princess craft set so she was happy. That child enertained her self for two days straight at home. What an imagination!

We hosted a surprise 30th birthday at home last night for Holly- the girls spent the night with their nana and gan and Mike and I STILL woke up at 7:20 am!!

Funny, B story. Yesterday we were traveling in the car running errands- Britton was perched high in her carseat behind me- observing the scenery.

Suddenly she commented, “Mommy- McDonalds isn’t good for you. But I weally like McDonalds even dough it isnt good for me. It makes my knees cwamp but I eat it anyways. Since Daddy is the oldest person in our family, maybe he can decide where we eat. He can choose chick filet – dat isn’t as bad as McDonalds”.