We had a busy weekend around the Robinson household. Britton got to go on her very first camping/hunting trip with her daddy. Originally the entire family was going to camp together- but a cool front came in and we decided a 2 year old, 2 hours from home, in a 32 degree night wasn’t a good idea.

So we made a decision to have Big Daddy take each little girl when they turn five. It will be a new family tradition.

Photos to follow.

On an entirely different note, Britton’s homework tonight was to write 5 things she was grateful for in her best handwriting. They were as follows- in this order:

  1. leaves
  2. God
  3. mommy and daddy
  4. air
  5. jesus

And now for a lil‘ Kens story. She has been in her panties all weekend, with only two accident. Pretty darn good considering this has been the first weekend where she actually went all waking hours in her bright yellow, lace trimmed, Dora the Explorer panties.

We are planning a Disney vacation to take our little Princesses to visit the real Princesses- especially Ariel (Britton’s favorite) and Cinderella (Kenley’s favorite).