Kenley’s first Movie

Today is Veteran’s Day — Britton had no school and Mommy had NO work! Woo hoo. After getting their flu shots- which they were both amazingly brave- I took them to chilc filet then to the movies. We were going to see the Hollywood Chiwawas but walked past the theater where Madagascar 2 was playing and opted to go see it instead.

Britton was literally on the edge of her seat the entire viewing, mostly standing to catch every moment. Kenley, on the other hand- or on my lap rather, ate butter popcorn and drank Mr. Pibb for 1.5 hours straight.

Half way through she started saying “chiwawa” — she really wanted to see that movie. So we took a quick peak inside that movie before leaving, driving home and Kenley taking a 3 hour nap.

What a day.

Also— it is worth noting that Kenley wore her big girl panties all day long without an accident. Until bath time tonight- when she took a big doo doo in the bathtub- amongst the warm white bubbles and her big sister too!