Christmas 2007

I found this photo from Britton’s Christmas Production that she was in two years ago (woops, I put the wrong caption). This was for her wee-3 class when she played a sheep in manger. She was 3 years old in this photo. What a sweet little lamb of Jesus!

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Happy Thanksgiving

We are thankful for our family, friends, health– and google’s new Picasa 3 beta verision. Watch out world- its now easier, and way cool to edit my photos!

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Fifth Disease

I took Britton to the pediatrician today (who also happens to be “Gracie’s mom”) and she has fifths disease AND she tested positive for the flu! Apparently they can test this by swabbing her nose. She had the flu shot the day before she became ill- although Anna said it is inactive flu shot.

Her fever has been 103.5 and 103.1 for the past two days- and she is in her 6th Day of having fever! In the last 36 hours, all I have been able to get her to eat is a McFlurry (oreo) from McDonalds. Oh, she also had some Gatorade, apple juice and coke. She went to bed last night without supper @ 6pm! Poor sweet girl. She doesn’t even complain!

Little bit on the other hand seems to be trucking along just fine. Should she spike a fever, Anna (the “doctor”) will call her in something that reduces the life of the flu by 1.5 days.

That’s Meme calling now, must give her an update.

Sniffly house

It is definately a germ infested Robinson house. Both girls have a wet cough, and B woke up with a 103.6 fever this morning, with red dots up and down her arms. The pediatrician cannot see her until tomorrow morning – so the funk must be going around town.

Another successful no-peeing day at preschool for Kenley!