Presidential Election

Britton’s kindergarten class was asked to cast their presidential vote last night for homework. Additionally, they were asked to list three reasons why their family was voting for that particular candidate. The students homework cards would then be displayed on the bulletin board.

I asked Britton, who are YOU voting for?
Britton – “bawak obama
Me- Which one is he (I point to photos of each candidates/running mates)
Britton- “dat one” – point to Barak.
Me- Now list three reasons why you are voting for him.

Britton- “Because he has black skin”
Me- You don’t vote for anyone based on the color of their skin. What is another reason?

1. Because he is handsome
2. Because he has a good smile
3. Because he is Smart

On the bottom of the notecard, I wrote ‘Edited to add: Daddy voted for McCain’.

Although I think he will be disappointed to see that his candidate is not going to be in the Oval office for the next 4 years.