In the Holiday Spirit

We are definately in the Spirit around our house this morning. Last night we decorated more, wrapped gifts. This morning we watched the Nutcracker on ice and now we have moved on to decorating gingerbread men (photos to follow) with plans to bake Jesus a birthday cake later in the morning!

We are making the most of our girl time this morning with Big Daddy hunting.

On a funny note, Britton matter-of-factly stated to Kenley, “Kenwey, we cannot eat da wed dye because it is bad for us, wight mama?!”

Me- “You can eat the red dye this time sweetie”

Oh my goodness, I must be turning into my mother because I hadn’t realized I talk about red dye and such around her. Too funny!

On as for a cute Kenley story, on the way home from her preschool this week she sang the entire song of Jingle Bells! Her new song of the season!