More family fun

We hit two Christmas parties this morning, did yard work (rake, mow, blow, edge), I mad a mean BBQ dinner and now Daddy has pitched a tent in the backyard for his girls to sleep in. It is 70 degrees so why not. This is my kind of day.

On a different note entirely, Britton said something cute this week and I meant to record it into this blog which is now their electronic baby book.

Her Daddy and I were giving each other a long kiss goodbye in the hallway before he left for work that morning. Britton, who was holding her red kindergarten tote bag dressed in her plaid uniform suddenly instrusted us, “Stop dat you two, stop acting sexy!”

And another “sexy” story, the other day she saw a woman posed in a bathing suit, and said to me “Why is she trying to look sexy mama”.

She is 5 years old, lord help me!

I am off to check out my girls camped in their tent in the backyard!