Phone Calls

The phone rang today as we were eating lunch, (Aunt CoCo). I spoke briefly and then hung up.

Kenley stopped what she was doing long enough to look up at me and ask, “Was dat Tinkerbelle?”



Britton’s kindergarten class sang at a nursing home today. She sang each song and had a blast.

Today, I wore my contacts all day for the first time in over a month (since my eye infection)! I don’t know how people wear glasses all the time.

I have two christmas parties tonight – when all I want to do is stay home and watch Christmas movies with the fam- I am BEAT! I suppose that’s in part what the season is about- doing so much for others that you get plum tuckered out!

A Fall Wedding

Mommy and Daddy at the reception
The wedding party being “announced” at the reception

Daddy and his biggest little girl!
November 2008

Big Daddy was in a friend’s wedding last month. I snapped a few photos while we were there.

Britton took the top photo of Big Daddy and I!

Typical Tuesday

We had a fun filled day of school, bike riding, singing, playing, christmas show watching. Big Daddy topped off the night by taking us all out to dinner at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Fiesta!

Kenley will be switching schools come January for several reasons (none are negative towards her current preschool which I have loved for the past year and a half). I am going to miss her current preschool, but happy that she will be starting at her new preschool. We went and met her teacher today, and had circle time with some of her “new friends”. I think she will fit right in and have a blast!


Kenley’s lasted word in her vocabulary is.. shi*t. And she uses it in perfect context every time she (or I) drop something. That is the only time she says it but she is consistent. Woops, guess mommy better start watching her language!