Britton’s Bible

Britton asked for a pink Bible with diamonds on it for Christmas.


Okay, Bible, yes- I can find that. But a pink one with rhinestones on it? Give me a break.

Thank goodness for the Internet.

Sure ‘nuf, I found just the pink Princess bible my princess wanted. When I bent over to kiss her good night last night, I noticed she was reading it.

She was at Genesis Chapter 2- In the Beginning. Said she had already read the first chapter, “let there be light”.

So tonight, we finished chapter 3 together. The print is very small- it’s a good thing she had good, young eyes.

Such a great lesson to be learning. The history of the human race.

(When I went to take her picture, Britton wanted to pose with my old glasses).


Britton Goes Camping

Big Daddy decided to take Britton camping/hunting with him. She immediately grabbed her oversized pink Vera Bradley bag.

I asked if I could check and see what she packed, since it will be in the 30’s tonight, and only in the 50s today.

Inside her duffle I found 2 metallic and glitter flats, white ruffled socks, gold flowered sandals, a pink sundress with matching pink shrug, 2 stuffed animals, about 10 hair bows and 6 pearl and sequined headbands.

That’s my child.

After adjusting her wardrobe for the outdoors- adding some jeans, boots, sleeping bag, long underwear and warm coat- she is on her way!

Christma Day 2009

We’ve had a fabulous Christmas celebration. Britton’s Mexican Fiesta dinner, church service, traditional Christmas eve party at friend’s house, birthday singing to Jesus, presents, both grandparents house, whew! What a fun-and-busy-packed 24 hours.

Best gift to the girls: playhouse that their Pops built. Probably around 300 man hours in it, plus thousands of dollars for lumber/supplies. It comes complete with electricity, french door bell, base boards, Brazilian cherry floors, matching exterior to our home, screens, window casing, drywall… Pops way outdid himself- with a hurt shoulder too!

Finally, after 3 years this blog has been turned into a book. My mom printed years 2007 and 2008! Now my babies will have all the funny stories and childhood memories in a beautiful pink hardbound book for their children to read one day.

Big Daddy also outdid himself by ‘bejeweling’ me, as my Mom pointed out. I do not deserve such gifts- being a mom and wife is what I enjoy doing. Apparently, he seems to think I do these things well and loves me for doing them day in and out! Sweet boy I married, I must say.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Outfit complete by Goodwill Industries!

Thank you Nana for babysitting for our party which didn’t start until 9:00 pm! Well worth the late night!

Big Daddy was a handsome spanish-speaking Christmas sweatshirt wearing man on Saturday night!

I opted for for the sweater vest, which was all nice and good except for the fact that it was 40 degrees and the party was inside and outside.

In the past 6 days, I have been to:
Tuesday- 1 party
Wednesday- 2 parties
Thursday- 1 party (backed into a tree) and 1 piano recital
Friday- 2 parties
Saturday- 2 parties
Sunday- 1 party
Monday- 1 party

No wonder I find myself snoozing off when I read to Kenley.

Doctor’s appointment went well today- baby measured 7 week and 4 days (plus or minus 5 days). That puts my due at August 4, 2010.

We plan on telling the girls on Christmas morning- wanted to make sure everything went well today. Saw the little lima bean’s heart beating away!

Will got to a neonatalogist next month to get a good look at the little blueberry given K’s heart history.

Another day, another party.
Another night, another tired mama.