Restful Saturday

It is a sunny, blue-sky-kind-of-Saturday today. Britton and her Daddy are at a nearby town celebrating the life Daddy’s friend who passed away one year ago. She will be fishing at a pond, running around the land and hanging out with her friends. K is sound asleep with her green blanky, goodnight moon book, and cinderella doll. I am curled up on the couch flipping channles, resting after having hosted a wedding shower this morning. Big Daddy and I had date night last night, followed by a visit to a local bar to support local music (not anyone has to twist our arm to go out). But boy oh boy am I tired today! I don’t know how I used to do it!

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Childbirth according to Britton

Another car conversation with B:

We were driving to the gym this afternoon and she said, “It doesn’t huwt because day put lotion on your tummy”.

Me- “What doesn’t hurt”

B- “When you have a baby. Day put lotion on your tummy so dat it doesn’t hurt when da baby comes out of your bellybutton.”

Then she holds her hand out and touches her palm, showing Kenley the size.

B- “See Kenley, dis is how small I was when I came out of mommy’s bellybutton.