The Funky Town

My sweet B is now sick with Bronchitis- only this time we got diagnosed at our peditriicans office (not the ER), waited only 1 hour (not 6), and spent $20 for the visit (not $400). After almost 6 years in the mommy business, I have learned to always, always take them to the peditrician on Friday (or holiday- ie, new years eve) if they are even remotely sick.

Since Britton started kindergarten less than 5 months ago, she has had:

  • Stomach bug (yuck)
  • the REAL flu
  • fifths disease
  • respitory infection

Before Britton started kindergarten (ie- 5 years prior) she had:

  • immunizations
  • and i took her to the doctor once thinking she had an earrache, she didn’t

Hmm, and yes she did get exposed to other kids as a baby. I had her happy fanny at MMO starting at 8 months. She is a blesssed little girl to have the health that she does.

And while I am complaining about how often she has been sick lately, I am well aware of how lucky we are to have such healthy children. There is not a day that goes by, not one, where I do not tell God how thankful I am for the health he has spinkled on my sweet girls. I’ve seen just how close we are all to death, it’s only a breath away, and each day is a blessing with my family.