Inaguration Day- A day of History

Britton’s school, like most I imagine, made a big to-do about the historical presidential inauguration of the 44th President today. They wore red, white and blue (no uniforms) and watched the entire ceremony on a large screen TV in the auditorium.

After school, we were at ‘Meme’s House’ (my grandmother) hanging out (ie- waiting for AAA to tow my car to the dealership- post for another day). To understand the following comment, you would have to understand Meme. She is an 82 year old woman, has been in the south forever, has never- NEVER- pumped her own gas. (I just found this out this month, when she was upset that Ned’s BP station was closing down. Who knew that my grandmother has never pumped gas?!)

As we were watching Barack and Michelle walk in the parade, Meme said, “I sure do hope they don’t shoot him. Why is he walking in the street- that is not safe. Someone might shoot him!”

Britton was standing in front of Meme in the kitchen also watching the television coverage. She turned to her great grandmother and said, “Meme, are you saying dat because day shot dat udder man, Mardin ludther da king? Dat was a long time ago Meme!”

Touche Miss Britton. You go girl!