Kenley’s First-Child-Time

It’s not as often that the second child (and I imagine most subsequent children) get that rare, one-on-one full-attention time from their parents.

When B was a baby, Big D. and I would spend out nights looking at her sweet face, fascinated by everything she could do or say. We (I) took thousands upon thousands of photos (which for the record I still do for the girls) and files full of video tapes. Our lives revolved her, and only her.

While we love both our children dearly and equally (obviously) I am cognisant of some of the things the second child may miss out on. For instance, new clothes/shoes (gets a lot of, albeit cute, hand-me-downs), professional photos with Mom (its a must do with the first child, time escaped me before I realized it was never done with baby #2. I did finally have these done a to feel they were any less.

Tonight we had Kenley on the couch with just Big Daddy and Kens (it was 10 pm and she was still in her bed singing so I grabbed her up for some snuggle time). As we were fast forwarding the commericals of desperate housewives, Kens started to sing.

We paused the show, and listened to her sing: Where is Thumper? Happy Birthday to Mommy- then daddy, Jingle Bells, the alphabet. Her voice is so sweet, she is smart, Innocent and so full of love. She must have learned these songs at school as I am not one to sing a lot at home (unless you count Top 100 R&B songs, which is so much fun to sing that I can’t help myself).

As she sang, I thought: Ten years from now, I will never ever recall what I was watching on TV- but I will always remember looking at her dimpled smile, with the glare of the TV on her big eyes, singing for her mommy and daddy.

I wanted to jump off the couch to grab our video camera (which needs more tapes) but didn’t want the moment to end by my doing so.

Her sweet little, lispy voice I want to always hold in my head, and have imprinted on my heart.