Kenley’s Prayer

As Kenley laid in her pink and brown toile covered bed tonight- she asked God to bless the following individuals (in this order):

  1. Diego
  2. Baby Jaguar
  3. Pizza
  4. Uncle Casey
  5. Meme
  6. Santa Claus

We read a couple books as well. One of these was entitled, ‘Bye-Bye Pacifier’. We read about a baby, that loved their pacifier but was growing up. The baby boy decided to mail it to another baby to enjoy.

I explained to Kenley that when she turns three, we will put all of her “bee-bees” under her pillow. The ‘Bee-Bee Fairy’ will fly through her bedroom window, flutter her sparkly wings around Kenley’s head, then gather all of Kenley’s Bee-Bees under her pillow. For this, the Bee-Bee Fairy will leave Kenley a prize under her pillow which she will find the following morning.

Kenley’s eyes got very big, eyebrows raised at the thought of a real fairy in her room. I could she her brow furrow a little as she realized that the fairy would result in the extinction of her pacifiers, then get large again as she must have thought, ‘so what! I will get a PRIZE from a FAIRY!’

First the bottles, then the high chair, all that is left is the pacifier. So.. the stage has been set for March 3rd, Kenley’s 3rd birthday (which I just realized is her Golden Birthday) when she will turn over her prized possession, second only to her green baby blanket, to the Bee-Bee Fairy. I have not been rushed to make my baby grow up. I don’t know if she will be the “last baby” in our family- most days I think she will. My husband would tell you that he is perfectly happy with his two girls and has no plans for more children. Only God knows the answer to that. But either way, she can remain my baby for just a little longer.

At least until March 3rd.