Britton came home from school on Thursday blabbing on about a man, a woman, a bus and seats. Since she insists on sitting in the third row now, of our SUV, it is a little harder to hear her clamor on.

“What did you say Britton? Start over..”

So she began to tell me the story from the beginning once more, “Once dare was a woman, and she didn’t want to sit on da bus in da back so she got arrested”.

Light bulb!

Rosa Parks.

So continues (I just love it when she a. tells me what she did at school b. tells me in a way that she is teaching me).

“Den, dare was a man named Mawtin Ludther da King and he walked out on his balcony and someone shot him!”

This was a great opportunity for teaching and discussion on my part- about equality, the color of skin, and how underneath we are all the same.

A good lesson for mommy too. Not so much the color of skin, but that if someone has made me mad at the grocery store, or cut me off in traffic- that underneath we are all the same. They go through the same struggles, also have bad days, may have whiny children in the their car too.

So today we are at home, with a fire burning, watching cartoons and spending the 3rd consecutive family day at home “twogetder” as B would say!