The Old Days

Tonight Britton and I were laying on the sofa watching Disney’s ‘House of Mouse’. Yes, I stopped cleaning the kitchen, laid myself on our puffy yellow sofa, and had my under-the-weather 5-year-old lay with me and watched cartoons.

I recognized “Hermie” (the bug car) and Britton asked me how I know what he was. I told her that I watched the movie when I was a little girl. (It was about a VW bug that was in a race). B loves to hear about my as a little girl.

The next scene was a ‘recent’ Disney character- which was not around in the early 80’s.

B asked, “mommy Did you watch dat when you were a little giwl?”
Me- No, we couldn’t choose which cartoon movie we wanted to watch (DVR) and cartoons only came on television on Saturday mornings.

Wow, the olden days… not so long ago.