Return from Disney!

We made it back from Disney today- after 4 days away. The girls saw Tinkerbelle, Cinderella, Snow White, Arial, Minnie Mouse, the electrical parade, fireworks, roller coasters, candy, cokes, teapots, swimming pools, boats, peter pan, and the list goes on.

They had a BLAST.

Photos to follow, ofcourse.

Britton’s favorite: meeting Arial, yes mom- I did get a photo. Arial’s ghetto is a new place since we last visited that is strictly for meeting the princess and taking an individual photo with her. The wait can be 60+ minutes.

Kenley’s favorite: Snow White. She went twice, once with the fam and once with her daddy (while I was with B across at Arial’s grott0- not ghetto).

I am not sure if Mike and I had more fun or them. We were the grizwalds- having a blast, wearing the mouse hats, kissing under the fireworks, skipping around the park and loving every minute of it!