Science Lab

Today is Friday- the day I typically read a book to Britton’s kindergarten class. This Friday was no exception. After reading Cinderella, Britton’s choice no-less, I went with the children to Science Lab. Incidentally, the science lab room once housed my high School British Literature classroom.

Today’s lesson was ‘Weather: What Makes a Cloud?’

There were diagrams, words like particles, soot, minerals, water, gas. The teacher had a model, a control unit. Very scientist like. I was impressed.

I was even more impressed that Britton could follow along in the lesson of particles forming together from the water, rising to the air in combination with soot, etc to form a cloud.

At one point, Ms. Bailey (also my former PE teacher many eons ago- although she looks EXACTLY the same) asked how the water turned into a cloud.

Me- stumped. How? No, really- how?

Britton raises her hand.

The teacher calls on Britton.

Britton- “cuz, the pah-da-kuls are hugging each odder tightly to form da cloud’. (translation: because the particles are hugging each other tightly to form a cloud)


What a science brain she has.

The lesson continues, and the teacher then asks what causes the precipitation.

Jackson raises his hand and says, ‘Because da clouds are crying’.

Teacher- no, not quite.

Britton raises her hand, “Because da pah-da-kuls are not hugging so tightly anymore’.

Good thing she gets her science brain from her Big-Daddy. I got through school on my extensive note taking, and studying. There is no science brain cells in me, that’s for sure.

No wonder she asked me all summer to find a “science camp” for her to go to!