Daddy’s Little Girls

Posted by PicasaMike and his princesses at Disney
My girls are lucky to have such a good dad. Now I know I can get madder at my husband, than just about anyone I know. But the truth is, he really is a considerate husband, good friend, and a fantastic father.
He takes them fishing, takes Britton to kindergarten (on time) every morning, he’s at dance recitals, choral concerts, takes them hunting, brings home bubble gum for them after work, eats dinner with us every night, has cut back (somewhat) on his passion which is hunting, to spend more time with us, takes a genuine interest in their likes/dislikes, cooks them their favorite foods, can tie a perfect bow, knows all the princess names, tells them about Jesus, stands in Disney lines just to see their face light up when it’s their turn, and he tells them each and every day just how much he loves them.

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