Computie time

Kenley, yes Kenley, likes to play on my computer… she doesn’t quite know how to move the mouse but has lots o’ videos!

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What’s in a Name?

With both my girls in the bath tub arguing, I don’t have but a second…

Last week, we were in their bathroom brushing teeth. Britton, standing in front of her sink (no stool) looked at herself in the mirror, cocked her head to one side while she brushed her teeth and said rather matter-of-factly, “I just love my name. No udder name would work fo‘ me.”

Then she poured Flouride mouthwash into her mouth, swished it around, spit it into the sink and said, “Ah, pufect aim.”

Turned on her heels and walked out of the bathroom.

Things I want MY daughters to know.

Last weekend we were at a funeral, this weekend we were at a wedding.

It got me thinking about the values I want to instill in our children. Those that shape them to who they are when they choose their life partner, and the person they will become.

More as a reminder to myself than anything else, I wanted to compile a list of things to teach my children. Some they already know (#1, 15), some learned, others to Italiccome.

1. Don’t save God for Sundays- let him be part of your every day life.
2. Accessories make an outfit- without accessories, its just clothes.
3. Be the first to say hello to someone- a smile and a ‘hello’ go a long way
4. Never make fun of someone else- you don’t know their story, struggles, or scenario.
5. Always wear underwear- ladies wear panties, preferably ones that match their bra
6. Always say yes to the first boy that asks you to a dance- even if you don’t want to, it took courage for him to ask
7. Always say yes’mame and no’sir- it shows respect
8. Make your bed everyday- its much more enjoyable to get into a made bed at night
9. Stay out of the sun- You’ll only end up with wrinkles, besides you can spray tan in less time
10. Have compassion for others- without it, you’re by yourself
11. Choose a husband like your father- think beyond today and make sure that he is someone you would be friends with too.
12. Exercise is good for you- keeps your body trim and your heart happy
13. Don’t save soaps, powders or lotions for special occasions. Every day is a special occasion.
14. Hang up a valentines wreath- and celebrate each season. It’s what make each season special.
15. Write thank you Notes- even for the little things. Gratitude is a good thing.
16. Spend time with your parents- Even if we aren’t cool, you’ll never know how much time you have.
17. Mount in a garage vacuum cleaner- a convenient way to keep you car clean, and your life sane.
18. It’s okay to wear pearls with blue jeans.
19. Invest in a good pair of scissors- believe it or not, you will use them everyday.
20. Think before you speak- hateful words stay for a long, long time.
21. God can provide us with everything we need, even if he doesn’t give us everything we want.
22. Your generation doesn’t need typing classes- to type fast, you will learn to do this on your own by age 5
23. Vera Wang has the most flattering necklines for large-breasted women24. Listen to what others are saying- sometimes you don’t need to do anything but listen, no response needed
25. Try all foods once- you may find something you like
26. Buy organic foods as much as possible- you never can know for sure what’s be sprayed into the foods you eat.
27. When you’ve had too much to drink, call a cab- What makes your life more precious that someone else?
28. Vanilla extract can make a box cake taste homemade.
29. Better to have no nail polish, than chipped nail polish
30. Don’t be quick to judge others- you never know what’s inside.

Couture Children’s Clothing

I went shopping at the Wal-mart tonight and bought crackers, tuna fish, waffles and the cutest little girls dresses!

When I was unpacking the cereal, juice and bread- Kenley saw it on the counter. Immediately she wanted to put it on (mind you, she was wearing her fancy ‘trunk show’ monogrammed dress.) So off the fancy outfit, and on the wal-mart $6 dress.

For the rest of the day, all I have heard is “Mommy, I wuv dis dwess. Its so boo-de-ful!”

If I’ve heard it once, she says it 20 times. Goes to show I don’t need to be spending dollars on Kellys Kids, Orient Expressed, etc. Turns out- my children, like their mama, like the finer things in life like wal-mart!

It does, in all seriousness, serve as a reminder to me that all the “extras” in life- are just that. Extras. We have more stuff than we could ever possible use, more dresses that my children can wear in a lifetime, and a pantry that is never empty. I am trying to make a daily effort to simplify my life- my schedule, wardrobe, evenings, distractions. A little less laptop, facebook, Palm, email, text, TV, phone- and a lot more of the real thing- my family!

On that note, I’m shutting down to ask my girls their high and lows of the day!

Before and After

We have been on a health kick around our home for the last month. Check out these photos. The “before” was taken last month…
Minus 25 lbs and still dropping. I am so proud!