Couture Children’s Clothing

I went shopping at the Wal-mart tonight and bought crackers, tuna fish, waffles and the cutest little girls dresses!

When I was unpacking the cereal, juice and bread- Kenley saw it on the counter. Immediately she wanted to put it on (mind you, she was wearing her fancy ‘trunk show’ monogrammed dress.) So off the fancy outfit, and on the wal-mart $6 dress.

For the rest of the day, all I have heard is “Mommy, I wuv dis dwess. Its so boo-de-ful!”

If I’ve heard it once, she says it 20 times. Goes to show I don’t need to be spending dollars on Kellys Kids, Orient Expressed, etc. Turns out- my children, like their mama, like the finer things in life like wal-mart!

It does, in all seriousness, serve as a reminder to me that all the “extras” in life- are just that. Extras. We have more stuff than we could ever possible use, more dresses that my children can wear in a lifetime, and a pantry that is never empty. I am trying to make a daily effort to simplify my life- my schedule, wardrobe, evenings, distractions. A little less laptop, facebook, Palm, email, text, TV, phone- and a lot more of the real thing- my family!

On that note, I’m shutting down to ask my girls their high and lows of the day!