Valentine’s Day

Valentines seemed like it was dragging on for a while this year. With my daughter’s Father/Daughter valentine dance which required months of planning, to the valentine’s Bunco dinner I hosted this week, I was tired of V-day before it even got here.

But to my dismay, my husband gave me the best valentines present.

He wrote me a love letter.
Not typed, not short and cheesy, but a real honest to goodness hand-written love letter!

He and I have been through much together, as have most married couples if they were to be honest. Good times, bad times, hard times… I loved him the day we were married. Today, I love him still, only more deeply.

While he would be extremely embarrassed for me to reprint what he wrote, for the sake of prosperity, and my children to one day have this, below is a portion of what the letter entailed:

“… We have been together for the first decade of our eternal lives together. Think of all we have done. Most importantly, the beautiful lives we have created together with the help of God. Our daughters are absolute gifts. They look up to you so much. I appreciate that so much as well. Thank you for being someone that I know our girls will always look up to and be proud of as their mother….

… In addition to the things I love about you, I also love some things about me because of you. It is because of you that I am healthier. It is because of you that I am more spiritual. I am stronger, more ethical and a more successful person because of you.

… think of all the the things in store for us the rest of our lives. Some will be great, some will be sad, some things easy, and some will be very difficult. No matter what, with each other we will get through all of it. In the end will only get stronger. My love for you is stronger each and every day.”

I will treasure this letter always. I know that we will have more hard times to come, when those times to arise, I plan to pull this letter out and reread it to remember the wonderful man that he is, and why I married him years ago.

Goodnight Moon

When I was putting Britton to bed tonight, I had the “Goodnight Moon” book to read to her, but instead she read it to ME! She read each word- with the exception of “comb”. I can definitely see the a-has with her flashcards too. They go much quicker and it seems as if everything (sightwords/readying) has clicked!

Here is an email from her teacher to the parents tonight:

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but my has it been busy! I have seen huge improvements since we have returned from the break! Kindergarten magic is in full force. We are reading and writing and fabulous with our 100 numbers board. We are sounding out words and engaged during workstations!
This week we made a salad from our garden, prepared our potatoes to plant when it warms up, and learned how to write letters (thanks to those of you that already sent in toilet paper for the Homeless Shelter). I had every intention of sending an email yesterday afternoon, but I had a doctor’s appt. and Open house at 6:30.
I went to the Homeless Shelter this weekend and they told me they need toilet paper and coffee (and creamer and sugar). Since it is so cold ,they are very crowded and in need of supplies. I told the kids and they all decided we could help. Didn’t they do a great job writing!!!! I was totally impressed.

I am making an effort to read with each child each week. Please let me know how it is going and continue to read to and with them at home. It is really starting to click. Practice those sight words.. you will get more soon! If you don’t have them on a ring, make sure to stop by and have Mrs. X make you a set.. it is really important!

Watch out for a notice about a research project on the presidents later on this week. This presentation will be oral, not written.

Also, don’t forget to make the Valentine’s box for next week and start addressing the Valentines in advance so it is not overwhelming.

I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful class. I have so much support and appreciate the time parents spend at school and at home to make this an even better year.

The Other Britton

Britton and I went to Target today after school to buy a birthday present for her friends joint birthday party which is Saturday.

Big mistake. Huge.

Immediately she wanted a toy, then when I said ‘No’ proceeded to have what I have now termed ‘A Britton Fit’. Arms flail at her sides, she whines, asks for the same thing repeatedly, lags behind, asks again, whines louder… It is a song dance she has perfected over the past 5.5 years.

And I am tired of it.

I have learned to tell her no, then ignore her childish (ie- 2 year old) behavior.

We (I) pick out the gifts for her friends birthday and head to the car where she proceeds to tell me that I am “de worst mommy eva!”

She goes on to say, “You’ah job is to waise me to be a good mommy one day, and you ont doing dat” (translation: Your job is to raise me to be a good mommy one day, and you aren’t doing that). “You ah stupid”.

So, several apologizes later, and no television she went to be exhausted. I really think I should start getting her in bed at 6:30 pm. By 8 pm she is so tired that she begins her ‘drunk crying’.

I had friends in college (okay, high school too) that would drink, then cry to their friends uncontrollably). Oh, my sweet sweet Britton!