Things I want MY daughters to know.

Last weekend we were at a funeral, this weekend we were at a wedding.

It got me thinking about the values I want to instill in our children. Those that shape them to who they are when they choose their life partner, and the person they will become.

More as a reminder to myself than anything else, I wanted to compile a list of things to teach my children. Some they already know (#1, 15), some learned, others to Italiccome.

1. Don’t save God for Sundays- let him be part of your every day life.
2. Accessories make an outfit- without accessories, its just clothes.
3. Be the first to say hello to someone- a smile and a ‘hello’ go a long way
4. Never make fun of someone else- you don’t know their story, struggles, or scenario.
5. Always wear underwear- ladies wear panties, preferably ones that match their bra
6. Always say yes to the first boy that asks you to a dance- even if you don’t want to, it took courage for him to ask
7. Always say yes’mame and no’sir- it shows respect
8. Make your bed everyday- its much more enjoyable to get into a made bed at night
9. Stay out of the sun- You’ll only end up with wrinkles, besides you can spray tan in less time
10. Have compassion for others- without it, you’re by yourself
11. Choose a husband like your father- think beyond today and make sure that he is someone you would be friends with too.
12. Exercise is good for you- keeps your body trim and your heart happy
13. Don’t save soaps, powders or lotions for special occasions. Every day is a special occasion.
14. Hang up a valentines wreath- and celebrate each season. It’s what make each season special.
15. Write thank you Notes- even for the little things. Gratitude is a good thing.
16. Spend time with your parents- Even if we aren’t cool, you’ll never know how much time you have.
17. Mount in a garage vacuum cleaner- a convenient way to keep you car clean, and your life sane.
18. It’s okay to wear pearls with blue jeans.
19. Invest in a good pair of scissors- believe it or not, you will use them everyday.
20. Think before you speak- hateful words stay for a long, long time.
21. God can provide us with everything we need, even if he doesn’t give us everything we want.
22. Your generation doesn’t need typing classes- to type fast, you will learn to do this on your own by age 5
23. Vera Wang has the most flattering necklines for large-breasted women24. Listen to what others are saying- sometimes you don’t need to do anything but listen, no response needed
25. Try all foods once- you may find something you like
26. Buy organic foods as much as possible- you never can know for sure what’s be sprayed into the foods you eat.
27. When you’ve had too much to drink, call a cab- What makes your life more precious that someone else?
28. Vanilla extract can make a box cake taste homemade.
29. Better to have no nail polish, than chipped nail polish
30. Don’t be quick to judge others- you never know what’s inside.


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