Birthday fun

We started celebrating my birthday a little early by celebrating the eve with buffalo wings and a large cookie cake complete with 12 lit candles! B really wants a cookie cake for her birthday, which is not until July- and was absolutely thrilled when I said she should suggest a cookie cake to Big Daddy for my bday.

Alas, he came home from work with dinner (yea- no cooking for me) on pretty paper plates (yea- no cleaning for me), 2 dresses from Stein-Mart (okay, I put them on hold but HE went and got them), American Cookie Company birthday cake (yea- kids are happy too), and another (surprise) wrapped gift (an electric toothbrush that I asked for).

Thursdays are Kens and Mommy day- after story time at the library (which Kenley loved- shame on me for spending “our Thursdays” time running MY errands) we headed to a local, small quaint restaurant to sit on the terrace with my mom, mother-in-law, Mimi, and aunties. Fun fun fun!

Tomorrow brings a day of lunch with my girl friends, dinner with family and then a fun family weekend planned to. Whew, love the spring!


Artsy Fartsy

What good is a blog if not for a bunch of moms to brag about their children?
Since very few people outside my family read this blog, and its intent is for my children to have one day, I can BRAG just a little today.
Britton’s sassy picked her up from school today. When she got to her Sassy’s house B decided that she wanted to paint, but wasn’t sure WHAT to paint.
Mom gave her a photo of a dragon fly, some paints and brushes – then walked off to take a shower.
When she came back, below is what she found. I am quite impressed that:
1. B did this without help
2. Nailed the spacial placing of the object
3. overall ability she has– for being a 5 year old.
I was so excited to see the painting, immediately picked it up and exclaimed, “Oh B! I can’t wait to take this home and frame it..”
When Mom quickly intereputted me, cleared her throat and pointed to the bottom of the artwork..
My eyeballs shift down where I read..
‘To: Mrs. S”
B had made it for her teacher, not her mama. So it is packed up in her kindergarten tote bag to be delivered tomorrow to her kindergarten teacher.
But I will have this photo!!

Dad’s Chili Cookoff

Kenley’s preschool had their annual chili Cook-off for the Daddy’s on Friday. Big Daddy made the 1 hour round trip drive to get to her preschool for the event. As a gift, she made him the above lolliopop that with her photo.

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Wedding Plans

While I was getting ready to kiss Britton good night this week, she sat up in her bed and asked, “Did your name used to be Gawwett Xxxx?”

Me- Yes

B- “But den you mawwied Daddy and yo’ah name became Wobinson?”

Me- “Yes”

B- pauses to think and reason within her little head. “Maybe if I am nice to Ty, den he will ask me to mawwy him and we wood be de Wetherall Family.”

Not Britton Wetherall- the Wetherall Family.

So apparently, little girls begin making wedding plans at age 5. Start saving Big Daddy.