Fancy Nancy

Britton, who now reads, has a whole new life upon her. Books are the avenue that can really open up an already imaginative imagination.

Last night she was reading her “Fancy Nancy” book as she went to bed at 8 pm. One hour later, she comes into the living room with big, bright blue eyes and says with such excitement “Mommy, come see my woom. I am giving fancy lessons”.

I knew immediately what she had been up to.

On her bedroom door, she hung up a sign that said:

“Learn to be Fancy with lessons from Britton

I took photos and will most definitely have to attach to this post because off all the cute things she has done, this was one of the toppers.

Inside her room, she had made a display of un-fancy shoes compared to fancy shoes.

For example) Her tennis shoe had a “P” sign next to it (P=plain) and her silver sequined thong sandals had an F sign (F=fancy).

On her purse stand, she had hung a note that read “Fancy Stuff”. All of her feathered purses, dog carriers and pink backpacks hung below the sign.

After dinner tonight, the lessons weren’t over. Oh no, Britton got Mommy and Daddy back into her classroom for more fancy lessons.


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