Hair Do’s and Boyfriends

Britton read ME a bedtime story night, and afterwards showed me yet another love letter she wrote to her boyfriend, Ty. There was even the Yes/No for him to check if he loved her too.

I complimented her on her creativity and tried to explain to her, as sweetly as possibly, that little girls shouldn’t write little boys lots of love letters.

She looked at me with a blank face.

Okay, maybe I should try a different approach. Think fast Garrett….

I attempted to tell her a story of when I was a little girl and had a crush on John B., but sassy told me I couldn’t call boys. She seemed to relate a little better to this approach.

After re-explaining to her WHY we don’t chase boys -she proudly assured me that she didn’t (physically) chase boys on the playground any more – I asked her why she liked Ty.

B- “Because I just do. I love him.”

Me “Do you know what love is”

B- “yes, its when you like someone a whole lot. If I can’t write him letters, can I call him?”

Me- “No sweetie. You cannot call boys”

Please keep in mind that my child is 5 and just yesterday professed her belief in the Easter Bunny.

B “Maybe one day, if I look pwetty dan boys will have a crush on me”.

Then comes the part about being pretty on the inside where it counts, yatty yadda….

I felt like I was having an out of body experience.

To top it off, she told me she liked my hairstyle (sassy – it was poofy) and suggested other ways I could wear it.

I am not making this stuff up. I about needed a cocktail after tucking her into bed. Does this really start at age 5? I am not ready.