Kenley’s Spring Performance

Kenley had her first preschool singing performance tonight. She stood front row, sang the songs (unlike her older sister) and even did the hand motions that went with it- for a solid 1/2 hour.

Big Daddy and I couldn’t believe it. Our two girls are like night and day.

At one point, I got tears in my eyes as I watched my little girls lift her hands to the sky and sing about how ‘The lord makes me strong… I can do anything’. Once again, I couldn’t help but think how far my sick baby has come. How true indeed. The Lord has made her so strong.

Just as the tears were about to start their descent down my face, Kenley stuck her index finger up her nose. Then after a few digs farther up her nostril, she pulled it out quickly and sucked off the tip of her finger.


Then Jack, her little friend next to her starting picking his nose. Big Daddy was highly amused by this as he zoomed in with his video camera on all the nose pickers in the Wee 3 class.

After the performance, the preschool dance teached tracked me down to tell me that Kenley needed to be in dance class, even if it wasn’t with her, because she “stood out” and “is really, really good”.

Wow! A little dancer in the making maybe?

From our little star’s performance (and after an afternoon at the country club), we went and ate dinner/ice cream sitting outside in this beautiful weather. We saw some old church friends so our girls played hide and go seek for a while.

We drove the short distance back to our home, and took a golf cart ride around our neighborhood. We ended up at the boat landing where we saw the ‘Alligator Control’ boat trying to reel in a gator from our lake. Oh what a night!

Our little girls are now tucked away in their beds chatting away and playing each with their respective chosen ‘toy’.