Kenley’s Tricks

Picture parents relaxed in the family room, after a long day of work, errands, cooking, cleaning, whinging and referee’ing

A tiny voice from the back bedroom cries, “Mama? Mama!? I just fwe up in my bed. Can i get out?” (translation: I just threw up in my bed, can I get out?)

For the past month or so, this has been Kenley’s “trick” to climb out of her bed and snuggle up with Mommy or Daddy and watch a few sneak minutes of TV while often times getting a midnight snack too.

Mind you, she hasn’t thrown up in her bed (ever) but must have overheard Britton one morning about 8 months ago when she ate too many cupcakes and threw up in her bed. How could she possibly remember this? And how could she know to use it to her advantage?

I mean really, what parent would say ‘No- got back to bed in your barf’.


She is so darn cute, we enjoy the special time with her.