I just got an after-school-drop-off from Big Daddy.

What could it be this time?

Daddy- “I had to break it to Britton today that she wasn’t born a mermaid”

B loves bath time, and I told her one night as she was wading in the water that she loves it because she was born a mermaid. I said that when she was born she had a tail and the doctors immediately took her back and cut it so that she could have to legs. And THAT is the reason she loves mermaids so much. She was so excited to hear this, that I didn’t want to retract it – even though obviously my sweet thing that came out of me was not part mermaid.

So B.D. said he told her this and her response was,

Daddy, you wyed to me? If you warn’t telling da twuth dan dat means dat you wyed to me. Why would you do that? I told all my friends that I was a Mermaid and dey didn’t believe me. None of dem believe in mermaids and now I feel silly.”


B is older now so I have to start thinking ahead to the consequences of the things that we tell her, even if they are in good fun. BD is afraid that we may have scared her for life since she is 5 and at a critical stage of development. Our sweet child has quite the imagination as it is, I suppose we don’t need to be fueling it further with mermaid tales of when she was born.

That being said, that look of joy on her face when I told her she used to be a mermaid was priceless. This time goes by so very fast, and apparently the time tale-telling has already passed my almost 6 year old.

Heart tug, tug.