Kenley’s temporary heart monitor

Kenley has been having some strange behavior lately- and in an effort to alleviate a potential heart relation to this behavior, her cardiologist and PA decided to monitor her heart rate for 24 hours.

On Friday, my mom and I drove lil Kens over to Shands to have her “wires” attached. Kenley was such a great sport- didn’t complain, traveled well, and didn’t ask to take her “wires off” until hour 23. Much better than most adults I am sure. It was basically like an EKG with 5 round sticker’s stuck all over her belly/chest area, with her “purse” which she carried around (which held the ‘machine’).

Won’t have the results for 6-8 weeks. Again, likely not her heart but the data will verify this.

Along the same lines of brave behavior….

On Thursday Kenley had to have some lab work done (eliminate thyroid connection to this behavior) and she did not so much as blink, whimper, wine, flinch, cry, move, scream when the tech put that needle into her arm, drained blood out, and taped a cotton ball back to it.

Note to self- if and when K complains about pain- listen- because she is probably in some real pain.

She did great and gets to carry a purse for the next 24 hours.