Lemonade stand- trying to skirt the rain

May 2007

Age is “5 and three quarters” – according to britton

Being the creative child that she is, B decided she wanted to SELL the cookies we made this afternoon. Always after a buck, she decided to deeply discount her cookies (.10) thus lurring customers – only to then tell that that the LEMONADE was $10.

After a quick ad-hoc meeting, I convinced her to sell lemonade for .10 and cookies for .10.

She had many customers- both foot traffic and cars.

This is probably a result of her yelling to everyone (even when there was not a soul in sight) “LEMONADE!” and “COOKIES FOR SALE”.

She even made me stand by the street with her yelling- I definitely started sweating in the 90% humidity Wednesday that it was- anything to make the new ‘business’ a success!

Not bad for a first days business- the only other marketing was my text messaging to neighbors (and Aunt Coco) that might be close by.

Aunt CoCo, was our first customer! By this time Kenley came down to join in the fun and learn the ropes of the new family business.

All in all, she made $5 in just 45 minutes. Hmmm, maybe I can stop my day job of technical recruiting!

As the customers drove or walked off, Britton would shout “Have a GREAT day!”

And a great day it was!

Tomorrow marks Britton’s last day of Kindergarten- so very bittersweet for her Mama.