Our girls

The girls are loving their new puppy, Poochie. Britton helps to take her potty, feed her, rock her when she is cold and to make sure she only plays with her for 5 minutes at a time until she gets stronger. Weighing only 1 lb and 9 ounces, she is a tiny little thing.

Kenley likes to give her kisses on the head, and rock her in the baby blanket as well.

Big Daddy had second thoughts about the name, and tried briefly to give her a bit more masculine name, however he was far outnumbered as the rest of us already affectionately refer to her as Poochie.

Kenley took her to show and tell this morning, and I will be taking her to B’s school this afternoon for the long-awaited, highly-anticipated, most publicized show-and-tell.

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