Britton spreads the Good News

Before our run tonight, Britton began to explain with a strange excitement to me the following. She spoke so clearly, and used hand gestures and has such inflection and passion in her voice. I am humbled and puzzled at the same time.
It actually made both her Daddy and me cry. So much so that we made her call Pops and then Sassy. She repeated the same thing verbatim. I don’t know quite what to make of it.

Have you ever felt that feeling inside of you? You know that feeling that is inside of you?
That feeling is God inside your heart. His whole body is in there.

God didn’t make you just for creation, he made you for fun.
Have you ever thought about that feeling? About why God made you?
He made you so that you can have a heart- so that you can feel God inside of you. Everybody is good and God lives in everybody. Heaven is a true place.
I don’t know anything else that loves me more. He loves me to the end and to the numbers.

God is everywhere. Not even one piece, his whole body is everywhere. he is everywhere= and where there are holes, God is underground. And he breathes through the holes.

And as long as you believe in Jesus you stay alive. God makes sure that nothing bad happens to you- He never makes mistakes.

He made you to remember him- not to make you sad. Say you hate the devil right now- say it like you really mean it. Scream it.

I asked B when she thought of it. She said God just put it on her heart. I asked her what she watched on TV today and she replied- “Yo Gaba Gaba” cartoons. She has been home for the past two week- no VBS. I recorded her with the video camera- she told me that she wants me to put it on the TV.