A First Kenley’ism.. another Britton’ism

We were eating dinner tonight as a family (compliments of big Daddy who prepared, cooked, chopped, and baked the entire meal- Nana’s Macaroni and cheese) when Kenley looked at me and asked, “What are you dinking ’bout?”

I replied, “I am thinking about how much I love you. What are you thinking about?”

Kenley’s matter of factly says, “I’m thinkin‘ jeep ride tonight!”.

(Last night she asked Big Daddy if his eyes were dilated- random, but quite a word for out three year old. Neither one of us could figure out where she has heard that lately)

As we one by one finished eating our meal, I noticed that Britton was the last one eating. This is a first as my ensure-only-for-breakfast-child is definitely the picky eater in our family. I praised her for eating well tonight, and said scrapped the last bite of her ‘Nana’s Macaroni and Cheese’ dish, licked her lips and said, “I’ve turned into Kenley.”

My sweet girls are now fast asleep, together, in Kenley’s twin size bed! They are each other’s best friends (in fact, someone recently asked B who her best friend was and she quickly and without hesistation said ‘Kenley’). They have so much in common and Kenley sure does look up to B, wanting to do everything she does, repeating the same phrases (including some of the not-so-cute whining episodes lately). I am so happy to have two little girls.