The Doctor

This photo shows a large portion of our days at home. In this instance- Polly pockets. My children are close enough in age that for the most part, they still enjoy the same “toys”. Cartoons- too, by and large. Britton doesn’t like Dora and Diego, but they usually compromise on Ben 10 or Arthur- go figure.

Britton was having some health issues that needed “tending to” so I took her to my holistic doctor. Big Daddy is not an advocate of this thought of medicine, however I have seen it work first hand on Kenley when she was sick with heart issues.

I should have taken her a while back, but did not. I treated her with ‘modern’ medicine because I thought that was best (and still do). After a recurrence, I treated her again with antibiotics.

Now, she is back to her ol‘ self but I wanted to make sure she is healthy as can be going into flu season. Preventive holistic medicine if you will.

I found myself hesitant to call the holistic doctor, Dr. J, because I knew the he doesn’t agree with taking antibiotics. I didn’t want to hear it from him. Like a child who has done ‘wrong’ and doesn’t want to face the disapproving parents. So I put off making the appointment. Thought about having Mom talk to him first, to make sure he wouldn’t be too mad.

Once I made the appointment, arrived at his office with Britton- I realized how we so often feel the same way about God.

We haven’t done what we probably should have the first time. Choosing instead what WE want. Then feeling that we are too far gone to ‘call’ Him and make another ‘appointment’. Can’t go back now…

But like Dr. J, God is always there with a big smile on His face and glad to see us again!