Bar Buddies

Bar Buddies- Big Daddy and Kenley enjoying a bedtime snack.

We had Open House at B’s school tonight- which meant the girls got to spend some time with their Sassy while we met Britton’s first grade teacher. While sitting at B’s desk tonight, in her little chair I looked around her classroom.

1st Grade is such an interesting time. There is play dough on one shelf, the solar system and microscope on another shelf, and across the room a ‘reading corner’ including some of the classics. B now has homework every night, spelling test every Thursday. In addition to piano practice each day, piano lessons on Thursdays and after school drama camp on Thursday afternoons.

I conscientiously try to balance work, childhood and activities so that B has enough hours in the day to be a kid. We made a list this afternoon, with the girls input, of what constitutes an ‘Automatic time out’. I even drew a picture of an automatic toilet (B has always been scared of automatic toilets) so K could recognize the list. I am trying this angle, with the line of thought that B may abide being that she help to ‘create’ the rules. What little dumplings they are!


Brittons temporary quarters

Britton likes to make “forts” and “houses” in the backyard. The sign is a picture stating no boys, no pets. The large juice box is her mailbox, and the square of sticks is her fireplace.

Me, being the Type A that I am- finds it hard to leave this ‘stuff’ in my yard for days at a time. Last time there was a pile of sticks, they eventually made their way down to the street where the city collected them with the rest of our yard waste that week. Britton has not let forget that- and still wants to know why I didn’t stop them.

I’m trying, I really am to let go of the capital “A” in my personality type.

House Hunting

Britton has picked out a play house for her Pops and Daddy to build in our backyard. It looks like quite a tasks but lucky for her she has a very talented Pops!

Thoughts by Britton

Below are some thoughts by my 6 year old daughter, in her words. She even choose the font and colors.

When I am 30 years old, I will…..

I will buy two kids from the orphanage.
They will be named Christina and Caitlyn.
I will live in California.
I will play with my kids and I will teach them new things to learn- I will be a mommy.
I will take them to school every day.
I will be married to Jackson Ogelsby.

If I were President, I would…
I would make sure that the Moms have to listen to children
I would let da children be free to do whatever day want.
I would let the children’s always have to say no to dare moms. Ha ha.

I am thankful to God for…..
My Mom.
My Dad.
My Sister named Kenley.
And my dog named Poochie.

If I could change one thing about my mommy, it would be….
Nothing at all because you are beautiful how you are.
And you would only get mad at me for a few minutes,
And she pwomised me that she would never get mad when I spilled water on the bathroom floors.

My favorite thing about my school is…
It is a famous school and it is not like any other schools.
It is the best school I could ever have.
I am not moving to another one.
And that is true.
When Christmas gets here, I will wish for a magic wand so I can get everything I wanted.

Dentists and Growing Up

Kenley got to leave preschool this morning to pay a visit to her dentist. It was that time of the year again for her to semi annual cleaning. Lucky for her, she has her Daddy’s teeth with no cavities to report. Her dentist did assure me, however, that Kenley will 100% require braces on her permanent teeth he thinks.

Tonight, as I was standing in the bathroom keeping her company while K tended to her ‘business’- she looked at me and said, “Mommy some day when I’m a Mommy, can I wear long dwesses like you? And wear your wedding ring? And have boo-boo’s on my boobies like you?’

Smiling, I replied that she could do all of these things when she was a Mommy.

About a half hour later, I turned on my iPod, opened a mini-bottled-beer and began preparing dinner. Once again, Kenley gave me the once over, smiled and asked, ‘Mommy, one day when I’m a Mommy can I dwink beer?’

Yes Kenley- you too can wear long sun dresses, get married, and drink beer. Oh, that little mini-me sure can be a funny thang! She has the driest sense of humor and I love it.