Adopted Owl

“Cedar”- the owl that B’s first grade class adopted.

The first graders listening intently to the wildlife rescue speaker. She brought three different types of owls to show the class.

Britton’s first grade class recently adopted an owl for their classroom. It will live at the local wildlife refuge. A representative came to her school last week to introduce the animal to the students, along with a couple different sized owls.

Britton surprised both myself and the wildlife speaker with her answers to questions posed to the class. For example, the woman held up two large (clipped) feathered wings. Same size, same color. When she moved them as if in a flying pattern, she posed a question to the children. ‘Why would one wing make a noise when it flies, while the other does not?’

The leader points to Britton’s raised hand when B explains, “Because de wing on da right gets air at through the tips of the feather.’

The wildlife spokesperson looks at Britton and says ‘I am going to take YOU home with me’- then turns to Mrs. B and shakes her head as if to say, Wow, pretty darn good.

Mrs. B shook her head up and down as if to say, I know!